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Tonight: Friendship Cemetery at Cherry Park

October 14th @ Cherry Park (5715 Cherry Park, ATX)
6pm - 10pm
$5 suggested donation (no one turned away)

Austin Noise, Instincto Records, & Cherry Park present:


Aunt's Analog
-harsh noise played in the classic, destructive style / cherry park resident-

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan
-austin's resident harsh puke master now equipped w/ assault rifle guitar-

Gym Mat Nap vs. Tigre Merde
-cherry park residents harsh noise duo, blackened outsider experiments & junk abuse-

Marcus Rubio
-avant garde stringed instrument experiments or maybe harsh noise or maybe lofi pop-

HK Dodgen
-adam cahoon of wiccans new harsh electronics project-

JT Whitfield
-harsh noise and dark soundscapes from the man behind the project greenlander-

Friendship Cemetery
-harsh acid jazz freakouts for screamed vocals and abused brass by the duo of parham daghighi and steve jansen-

Johnny and Matt (BRR & AA) are going on tour from October 15th - November 4th, throughout the east coast. Please donate to their tour if you can and buy their new merch!

Speaking of new merch, here are some new releases that will be out in time for this show:

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - DEEP//DARK (tape version, Dead Tapes)
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - The Anti-Thurston (tape version, Ram Horn Records)
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - Trip Metal (tape version, Personal Archive)
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - Mistrust Is the Tyranny of the Individual (second pressing of tape, Brise-Cul Records)
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan / Rape X split (tape, self-released by Jesse Kling of Rape X)
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - LULZ DEMON (tape version, CTC Records)
Youthful Masturbation Techniques / Fag Bashers split (tape, Lady Anthropophagus Unincorporated)
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan & Aunt's Analog - Rainblo Electronics (tape version, Dumpster Noise Records)
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan / Aunt's Analog tour-exclusive split (3" cdr, Instincto Records)
HARD. - Senior (cdr, Instincto Records)
Aunt's Analog / Platinum Collar split (tape, Ram Horn Records)
Aedeagus / The Rita / Brutalest / Vomir 4-way split (tape, Instincto Records)
Aunt's Analog - Psychotic Zen II (cdr, Instincto Records)
Aunt's Analog - Shrill Noise Wave (cdr, Instincto Records)
Aunt's Analog - Through With Being Human (cdr, Instincto Records)

& more???

These are all BRAND NEW RELEASES or remastered reissues that will be available for the first time today and on the tour itself. Grab them while you can, copies are limited!


10:00pm - Gym Mat Nap vs. Tigre Merde
9:30pm - Breakdancing Ronald Reagan
9:00pm - Aunt's Analog
8:30pm - HK Dodgen
8:00pm - JT Whitfield
7:30pm - Friendship Cemetery
7:00pm - Marcus Rubio

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Tonight: SSBT at Museum of Human Achievement

Astral Spirits is incredibly honored to present a very rare and intimate solo set from the one and only ROB MAZUREK! This is not to be missed! His most recent solo release "Mother Ode" is a masterpiece! Some reviews of this latest solo disc:

The show will start early at 8pm with opening sets from Marriage and SSBT (Chris Cogburn, Parham Daghighi & Steve Jansen) followed by Mazurek.

This is BYOB! $5-10 sliding scale admission. Please give what you can, the artists will appreciate it.

Some more info on Rob Mazurek:

Chicago-based composer, improviser and multi-media artist Rob Mazurek has drawn inspiration from a multitude of audio and visual styles and sources over the past three decades. Augmenting his cornet playing with computer programming, electronics and an assortment of keyboards, Mazurek's broad electro-acoustic palette defies simple categorization. Having relocated back to Chicago after an extended stay in São Paulo, Brazil, Mazurek currently leads and composes for a wide variety of ongoing ensembles, including the Chicago Underground Duo, Exploding Star Orchestra and São Paulo Underground – and, most recently, Pharoah & The Underground (featuring Pharoah Sanders). Additionally, Mazurek has exhibited his paintings and video works internationally.

His most recent release is Spiral Mercury, the debut of Pharoah & The Underground (Clean Feed). Mazurek’s newest ensemble, Black Cube SP, will be touring as a quartet (São Paulo Underground + Thomas Rohrer) in the US in the Spring of 2015 and Europe in the Fall of 2015, to promote his next album, Return the Tides, to be released on Cuneiform in October. Alternate Moon Cycles, a trio session with Matthew Lux on electric bass and Mikel Patrick Avery on pump organ, will be released on International Anthem by the end of the year, while Some Jellyfish Live Forever, a duo with guitarist Jeff Parker for Rogue Art and Galactic Parables, a new Exploding Star Orchestra record for Cuneiform, are slated to be released early next year.

For more information about Rob Mazurek, consult:

For more information about Astral Spirits, consult:

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Tonight: SSBT at Beerland

Tuesday, October 7th
Austin Noise presents

xNoBBQx (on tour from Australia)
Bleak No-Core unmusical guitar and drum improvisations. Total gear destruction with sick apathetic drones. 

X Wave (on tour from Australia)
Dark, morose Noise Rock from down under. Total don't-give-a-fuck dirge, Scratch Acid records played at half speed with lots of surface damage and a broken needle might sound similar. 

New Austin 4-pc Harsh Noise / Heavy Improv group featuring Johnathan Cash (Breakdancing Ronald Reagan) on vocals and electronics, Dustin Pilkington (of Total Abuse, Burnt Skull, etc) on guitar, Johnny Hilbun (of Coma In Algiers) on synth, and Parham Daghighi (of Friendship Cemetery, SSBT, etc) on drums.

Air Traffic Controllers
the duo of Gerard Cosloy (guitar) and JJ Ruiz (drums) have slowly progressed from provoking genuine hostility to shrugs of indifference. 18 years into this ill-advised journey, they hope to have generated something close to polite nods by the year 2020. Featuring former members of (the) Diner's Club. 

Gym Mat Nap
A truly unique artist. I lived with the guy and I still can't tell you what he's gonna do. His work runs the gauntlet from Daniel Johnson/Jandek-inspired Outsider songs, VHS-mangling visual art, stand-up poetry slam nightmares, cassette tape abuse-scapes, aggressive and physical Harsh Noise/Power Electronics, and sample-heavy Negativland-esque Soundcollage. A true Experimental artist in every sense of the word. 

Metal-influenced improv duo of visual artist/drummer Kyle Carter and guitarist Harry Duncan. Mid-tempo Psych jams with heavy tribal drumming to be expected, among other sounds.

Free Jazz / Noise / Punk improvs by No Idea Festival founder Chris Cogburn, former Houstonian Steve Jansen, and Parham Daghighi (performing twice in one night!). 

door is $5. support the touring bands, support the bar, support austin noise. etc.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Tonight: SGJ/Chris Cogburn at AvantGarden

8 p.m. Monday, October 6, 2014

Imaginary Values presents:

-- Chris Cogburn / Steve Jansen
-- Arcangelo Constantini (Mexico City)
-- Damon Smith / Sandy Ewen
-- Richard Ramirez

411 Westheimer Road
Houston, Texas 77006

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sunday: SSBT at Museum of Human Achievement

Set 1. SSBT (Chris Cogburn / Steve Jansen / Parham Daghighi)
Set 2. Arcangelo Constantini (Mexico City)
Set 3. Rick Reed

No Idea presents a night of music featuring Mexico City sound artist Arcangelo Constantini in his first ever performance in Austin. Arcangelo will perform solo on his self-crafted instruments ("8 X 8 Ω / 1 bit" and "Magnetoplankton"). Also performing are electronic musician Rick Reed and the noise group SSBT (Chris Cogburn, Steve Jansen and Parham Daghighi).

Museum of Human Achievement
(Lyons & Springdale, next to the Blue Genie Art Complex)
$8 admission

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Saturday: SSBT at Macaroni Island

8 p.m. Saturday, October 4, 2014

Macaroni Island
2311 Houston Place
Denton, Texas 76201

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 2014 Shows

Tuesday, September 9: Virginity, Fierce Deity, Johnathan Cash, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten/Steve Jansen, Jonathan Horne, Ghost of Electricity @ Club 1808 Annex, Austin

Wednesday, September 10: Sephheim vs. Dromez, Black Vomit vs. Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Adam Cahoon vs. Mensroom @ Sect One, Austin

Thursday, September 11: Friendship Cemetery, Flower of Flesh and Blood, Bucket of Piss, Dreamcrusher, Glasgow Smile, Fecal Dam, Proud/father, Moira Scar, Sobering, Guerilla Toss, B L A C K I E @ Club 1808 Annex, Austin

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thursday: SGJ at Sound Exchange

Celebrating the release of the Museum Of Carnal Possibilities
CD comp of Houston experimental artists

7 p.m. Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sound Exchange
1846 Richmond Avenue
Houston, Texas

Friday, September 26, 2014

CFB 2014: Arizona State vs. UCLA

UCLA 62, Arizona State 27

Thursday, September 25, 2014 
Sun Devil Stadium
Tempe, Arizona

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Visual: Spiral Jetty Aliens

On the way to the Spiral Jetty in the Great Salt Lake
Type-C Print 
August 2010

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Many projects to be executed in the next two months, and no motivation and excitement behind them. All you’ve cared about since returning is being farther away from the focal point of a majority of your emotional energy, a place that you can’t return to on a permanent basis due to regression purposes.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Visual: Log Cabin Motel

Log Cabin Motel in downtown Phoenix
Type-C Print (all "filter work" done "in camera")
circa 2010

Monday, September 15, 2014


Emaciated, barely resembling a human, he takes you to the airport in his prized sports car. It’s a week after Father’s Day and though he has weakened, he’s still lucid, moving around, and working at least 10 hours a day at home.

You get out of the car and reach inside to shake his hand goodbye. He always had an insanely firm grip, a result of spending a life working with one’s hands.

It’s the last time you see him upright, and he still crushes your hand with his grip. You’ll never forget, and hope to continue smiling each time you think about it.

Friday, September 12, 2014

CFB 2014: New Mexico vs. Arizona State

Arizona State 58, New Mexico 23

Saturday, September 6, 2014
University Stadium
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tonight: Friendship Cemetery at Club 1808

Austin Noise presents..

The Future Refused To Change: 9/11 NOISEFEST 2014

September 11th, noon to 2am
Club 1808 Annex
1810 E. 12th St / Austin, TX
$5 21+ / $7 under 21


INSIDE (alternating between two PA systems on each side of the room):
1:45am - Future Blondes
1:30am - Street Sects
1:15am - Dromez
1:00am - Total Abuse
12:45am - Pure Matrix
12:30am - Breathing Problem
12:15am - Goddess Eris
12:00am - Burnt Skull
11:45pm - Guerilla Toss
11:30pm - B L A C K I E
11:15pm - Dakota Hogback
11:00pm - Youthful Masturbation Techniques ft. Domme Discordia
10:45pm - Sobering
10:30pm - Breakdancing Ronald Reagan
10:15pm - Roy Wren
10:00pm - Anna-Stina
9:45pm - T.E.F.
9:30pm - Aunt's Analog
9:15pm - Architeuthis Dux ft. Steven Garcia
9:00pm - Genital Stigmata
8:45pm - Grandpa Lies Again
8:30pm - Fake Snake
8:15pm - Power Monster
8:00pm - Acid Trash
7:45pm - Aqua-Eroticum
7:30pm - Bad John
7:15pm - Black Pillar
7:00pm - Proud/father
6:45pm - Fecal Dam
6:30pm - Friendship Cemetery
6:15pm - Glasgow Smile
6:00pm - Dreamcrusher
5:45pm - Bucket of Piss
5:30pm - Flower of Flesh and Blood
5:15pm - Graeyback
5:00pm - Headcleaner
4:45pm - MENSROOM ft. Adam Cahoon
4:30pm - Peasant
4:15pm - Gym Mat Nap
4:00pm - Tigre Merde
3:45pm - Smokey Emery
3:30pm - Delptronics vs. Skwaarmalar Machine
3:15pm - Attic Ted
3:00pm - Marcus Rubio

9:30pm - Ulnae
9:00pm - How I Quit Crack
8:30pm - Skullcaster
8:00pm - Styrofoam Sanchez
7:00pm - Dylan C
6:30pm - Moira Scar
6:00pm - Knifight
5:30pm - Xander Harris
5:00pm - Air Traffic Controllers

Doors open at Noon. DJing by DJ Johnny and hanging out until the show begins starts at like 12:30 or 1pm-ish. $5 cover ($7 if you are under 21) MANDATORY unless you are a performer. No guests, no girlfriends, no friends. If you're not playing, you're a crowd member and you gotta pay. Support the artists. Thanks!